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The Aether Sanctum: Dark culture with a quizzical antipodean twist. Chaotic Critiques: Subscription print zine and online newsletter featuring goth/underground news and reviews.
Dark Velvet: Quarterly subculture zine. . . an accident waiting to happen. Gothic.net: Writing, reviews, gothic advice, and more.
Goths Anonymous: There is no cure, only acceptance. Legends Magazine: Music interviews, reviews, writings, advertising.
Meltdown Magazine UK: The UK’s best-selling independent glossy magazine for the uk.gothic.alternative.lifestyle. Morbid Outlook: A gothic fanzine of sweetness and dark.
sickamongthepure.net: Ezine for Nothing Records. Sordid Magazine: Irish gothic/industrial webzine.
StarVox Music Zine: They know everything. Really. Go see for yourself. WetWorks Ezine: Goth/Industrial/EBM/Underground coverage, news, reviews.
Wrapped In Wire: The underground music and weirdness webzine. Industrial Nation: The world’s first and best cyber/goth/industrial/ebm/everything zine.
Kambriel: Formerly Atrocities, Kambriel has fantastical designs betwixt today and timelessness. Dark Culture Magazine: The Goth scene’s independent web magazine since 1997.
Jeannie Nitro: Gothic clothing and fun fetish wear. Delphina: Goth, rockabilly, swing, etc. clothing and accessories.
Drac-in-a-Box: Goth, medieval, punk clothing and accessories. Enigma Fashions: Women’s gothic and Victorian-inspired clothing.
Eyescream Jewelry: Dynamic jewelry to inspire your muse. FunkeFeet footwear: Unique boots and footwear.
Goodgoth.com: Gothic clothing and hair dye. Gallery Serpentine: Unique clothing, custom corsetry, beautiful jewelry.
GothCentral: T-shirts, jewelry, books. Grave Images: T-shirts and gifts with elegant cemetery artwork.
Heavy Red: Gothic clothing, accessories, gifts. in2skin: Wide selection of body jewelry.
Ipso Facto: Gothic fashion and music online catalog. Kozka’s: Vegan, animal-friendly & cruelty-free punk stuff.
Marcus Electric: Rubber jewelry. Melray Jewelry: Pewter necklaces, letter openers, & gifts.
Monolith Graphics: Gothic fantasy artwork by Joseph Vargo. Morgana Clothing: Men’s & women’s dramatic gothic clothing.
Pennangalan Dreams: Goth, cyber, fetish, biker shoes & boots. Raven Eve: Gothic jewelry and accessories.
Retail Slut: Rude and nasty clothing. Rose Mortem: Dark romantic couture.
Silk and Stone: Gothic/medieval decor and gifts. Starkers: Fine corsetry.
Sunspot Designs: Jewelry and gifts. Tartblossom: Cartoon hair for real people.
Throb: Gothic, rockabilly, punk gifts, accessories, baby clothes. Vampire Technology: Custom rubber clothing & accessories.
The Illustrated Guide to Goth Hunting: just ’cause Random Gothic Lyric Generator: This explains why goth music all sounds the same.
Tamagothi: Nifty little critters. The Lost Monty Python Goth Scenes: Recently discovered!
175 Types of Goths: And here I thought there were only four. Toilegami: Origami for a captive audience.
Beyond the Pale: The BBC’s wonderfully produced documentary of British gothic subculture. Fetishize Me: Online sock shopping at its finest!
Shadow Fae Gothic Apparel: Gothic apparel. Kesular: The conjunctivitis of eye candy.
The Loading Zone: Tea bar and cyber cafe. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: In words of four letters or less.
Desire Clothing: Men’s & women’s goth/rockabilly clothing & accessories. World Market: A cross between Ikea and Pier One.
Decasia: Bill Morrison’s mesmerizing experimental feature. Magnetic Poetry: play with it online or read the online anthology.
World Market: An affordable cross between Ikea and Pier One. Personal Information Discount Coupon: try it and let us know if it works.
brutal: news links. memepool: readerdiven news & newsworthy link database.
Punchbaby: Bizarre and hilarious video clips and commercials. Cheesy Jesus: eclectic religious stuff.
The Rake: Secrets of the City. City Pages: The news and arts weekly of the Twin Cities.
Lexicon Magazine: Nu electro ebm futurepop 80s and more. Lair of the Sourpuss: Lair of the Sourpuss
Emilie Autumn: Chicago-based musician/vocalist with classical/baroque/goth/celtic/pop stylings. Dark Cell Digital Music: mp3 downloads, artists, artist services.
Reality Carnival: eclectic news updated daily. MyGoth.com: Where the netgoth get going.
Millennium Goths: gothic surveys. Gothic Gardening: Ideas for creating dark-themed gardens.
Gothic Auctions: the Ebay of the gothic world. Dark Side of the Net: Vast dark link collection.
goth.net: online gathering site and resource center. The Nature of Gothic: fantastic label run by artists.
The Nature of Gothic: fantastic label run by artists. Eternia: Old style goth with a surprising new twist.
Doll Factory: industrial electronica. Loss of Will: duo formerly from Asphyxia.
Acid Ice Flows: darkwave from Seattle. Pathian: instrumental with a dark and atmospheric twist.
From the Icy Coast: an eerie examination of our modern cyberculture. The Strand: Arizona based darkwave.
This Ascension: goth ensemble. Animus ex Machina: industrial electronic/metal.
Attrition: goth/darkwave/electronica. Autumn: Minneapolis-based goth/ethereal.
The Machine in the Garden: goth/darkwave duo. Collide: goth/etheria.
Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine: The higher edge of the Twin Cities. St. Paul Pioneer Press: St. Paul’s main newspaper.
Underwater World: The interactive aquarium at the Mall of America. Cold Stone Creamery: ice cream!
Chet’s Taverna: has a vegetarian menu. Falafel King: has a vegetarian menu.
The Raptor Center: rescue and education center for raptors. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts: free museum.
The Walker Art Center: great art museum. Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airpo: Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
Pulse of the Twin Cities: Locally grown alternative newspaper. Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board: find any park in the metro area.
The Green Guide: environmentally friendly guide to living in the Twin Cities. Kikugawa at Riverplace: Japanese restaurant featuring sushi.
So You’ve Decided to be Evil: a step by step guide to joining the forces of darkness. Silks and Velvets: Designs by Yosa
New Times: publisher of alternative newsweeklies. Ribbit!: eclectic news.
Jim Romanesko’s Obscure Store: news blog. Clock DVA: their official site.
Johnathan Sharp: and all his projects. Die Form: an experiment in contrast and sensual beauty at the edge of society’s sexual taboos.
The Sisters of Mercy: they need no introduction. Mission World Information Service: The Mission UK’s unofficial site.
Clan of Xymox: xymox Apoptygma Berzerk: synthpop
Alien Sex Fiend: official site. Cocteau Twins: official site.
VNV Nation: official site. Goteki: new name, same great music.
Inkubus Sukkubus: official site. Velvet Acid Christ: Tekno-trance-industrial.
Bauhaus: all hail! Christian Death: official site.
Killing Miranda: official site. London After Midnight: official site.
Libitina: UK darkwave. Suspiria: official site.
Nine Inch Nails: official site. Lacrimosa: official site.
The Ghost of Lemora: official site. Front Line Assembly: official site.
The Swans: official site. Diva Destruction: female duo from Hollywood.
Katscan: self-described "goth-hop". Depeche Mode: official site.
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: official site. New Model Army: official site.
Front 242: official site. Projekt: premier goth/darkwave label.
Curve: official site for the pioneers of electronica. Faith and the Muse: official site.
Tori Amos: official site. The Creatures: official site.
Narcissus Pool: official site. Ministry: official site.
Mute Liberation Technologies: Label to artists such as Paul Van Dyke and Komputer. Tapping the Vein: excellent darkwave band from Philly.
Gossamer: official site. Suicide Commando: official site.
In the Nursery: official site. KMFDM: official site.
Zeromancer: official site. ohGr: official site.
Mothburner: gothwave blues. Seabound: official site.
Wolfsheim: official site. Dependent Records: German electro-industrial label.
The Cruxshadows: official site. Iris: American synthpop.
Funker Vogt: official English site. Birmingham 6: official site.
Metropolis Records: home to over 40 innovative gothic, industrial, and electronic artists. MusicScene: guide and support for the local music scene.
Nettwerk: home to Skinny Puppy and Delerium amongst others. Nightbreed: home to Killing Miranda and many other industrial/gothic/darkwave names.
Perkigoth.com: three great goth/industrial/darkwave/ebm audio streams. Peter Murphy: the grandfather of goth.
Prospective Music Magazine: based in Finland. Bizarre: a magazine about life in the extreme.
EIN News: breaking news from 250+ countries. Comics.com: many of your favorites are here.
lagoth.net: the Los Angeles, CA network Axford’s International: corsetry.
Dark Garden: mens’ and women’s corsets. Enigma Fashions: romantic gothic clothing.
The Other Woman: corsetry and custom clothing for men & women. Gallery Serpentine: custom clothing, jewlery & corsets for men & women.
Heebeejeebees: men’s & women’s dark & underground clothing. House of Whacks: men’s & women’s rubber clothing.
Inkubus: one-stop shopping for all things gothic. Starkers: custom corsetry.
Lucky lil Devil: goth/punk baby clothes. Throb: goth/punk/rockabilly clothing, furniture, accessories.
Vampire Technology: custom rubber clothing for men & women. Vekzar: chain jewelry.
Voller’s Corset Company: premier corsets. House of Harlot: Latex clothing.
Romantasy Corsets: tight-lacing corset design & sale. The Dark Angel: men’s & women’s gothic clothing.
Karnal Leather: custom fantasy leather outfitters. FunkeFeet: unusual footwear.
Ramen Recipe Database: our favorite food. Top Ramen main dish recipes: actually pretty good recipes.
Vegetarian Recipes: good database. Tofu recipes: tofu. . . .
Ice Cream: ice cream recipes. Food Solutions: little tips to make cooking easier.
The Cook’s Thesaurus: egg substitutions. The Cook’s Thesaurus-general: searchable food substitution database.
Ramen Recipe Database: Mmmmmm. Ramen. The Cook’s Thesaurus: searchable food substitution database.
Food & Nutrition Solutions: tips & tricks for easier cooking. HungryMonster: recipes, restaurant guides, cookbooks, etc.
Nissin Foods: Top Ramen: Top Ramen recipes. Vegetarian Recipes: large vegetarian database.
Tofu Recipes: tofu database. A&E Television Network’s store: everything you could ever want.
Personality Disorder Test: Is your personality disordered? Digital Blasphemy: beautiful 3D wallpapers.
Fallen Angel Studios: fine art, portraiture, nudes, digital imagery. d-fortunecookie.com: fortune cookies with customized fortunes.
FEED: FEED unravels the Web. Eyes of Chaos: the dark visions of Mike Bohatch.
Hyperspace Studios: tattoos and paintings of Guy Aitchison & Michele Wortman. Archie McPhee Online: outfitters of popular culture.
Middle Pillar Presents: home to The Changelings, among others. Middle Pillar: over 2000 gothic/ambient/magick/industrial titles to choose from.
New Rock Store: New Rock boots & footwear. Van Richter Records: aggro-industrial label.
The Alphabet Synthesis Machine: create your own alphabet. Collapse: detonate like-colored blocks to clear the screen.
Irregular Hangman: just like the title says. . . . Irregular Hangman: just like the title says. . . .
Needle Sharing: German industrial noize. VARA Necrocam: fantastic award-winning downloadable movie.
The 12 STIs of Christmas: pay close attention. . . . Fetchfido Games: addictive little timewasters.
House of Large Sizes: the world’s best bar band. Monobrow: celebrating the monobrow.
Who Would Buy That?: ebay oddities and monstrosities. Neon Trinity Kill: virtual reflection of chaos from the creator.
April Winchell: hostess for Radio Savant. Neil Gaiman: personal site.
404: cannot find intelligence How to Spot an Engineer: sad but oh so true
bored.com: links for the truly bored. Black Channel Radio Show: electro/experimental/industrial/ritual/dark techno/gothic/etc.
Gloom County: now-defunct spoof on Bloom County. Great archives. Bonsai Kitten: see for yourself.
Akron Goth: Akron/Canton, Ohio Abney Park: industrial rock/darkwave
Frog Mania: Something to do with frogs. Not quite sure yet. Pigeon Cam: Picking on the pigeons.
Gridlock: there are 40 levels, each more difficult than the previous. Horror.net: the webís deadliest horror network
Bat Conservation International: Teaching the value of, and helping preserve, batdom everywhere. Canadian Gothic/Industrial Events: searchable by province
darkwave.org.uk: UK netgoth activities Gothic Planet: Denver, Colorado
Gothic Martha Stewart: just the touch your life needs. 1313 Magazine: Horror for a new generation
E. Katie Holm: Katie’s holmpage. Eyescream Jewelry: dynamic jewelry to inspire your muse.
Cheesy Jesus: truly godawful stuff. Delphina: Goth, rockabilly, swing, etc. clothing and accessories.
Desire, Inc.: Menís & womenís goth/rockabilly clothing & accessories. Drac-In-A-Box: Goth, medieval, punk clothing and accessories.
Enigma Fashions: Womenís gothic and Victorian-inspired clothing. Fetishize Me: unique sexy comfy socks for unique sexy people.
Fetishize Me: unique sexy comfy socks for unique sexy people. Goodgoth.com: Gothic clothing, accessories, and hair dye.
GothCentral: T-shirts, jewelry, books. Grave Images: T-shirts and gifts with elegant cemetery artwork.
Grave Images: T-shirts and gifts with elegant cemetery artwork. Heavy Red: Gothic clothing, accessories, gifts.
in2skin: wide selection of body jewelry. Ipso Facto: Clothing, footwear, accessories, and music catalog.
Jeannie Nitro: gothic clothing and fun fetish wear. Kambriel: Formerly Atrocities, Kambriel has fantastical designs betwixt today and timelessness.
Kozka’s: Vegan, animal-friendly & cruelty-free punk stuff. Kozka’s: Vegan, animal-friendly & cruelty-free punk stuff.
Marcus Electric: hand-crafted rubber jewelry. Melray Jewelry: Pewter necklaces, letter openers, & gifts.
Melray Jewelry: Pewter necklaces, letter openers, & gifts. Monolith Graphics: home of the Gothic tarot.
Morgana Clothing: Menís & womenís dramatic gothic clothing. Pennangalan Dreams: Goth, cyber, fetish, biker shoes & boots.
Raven Eve: Gothic jewelry and accessories. Retail Slut: rude and nasty clothing.
Rose Mortem: Dark romantic couture. Shadow Fae: gothic apparel.
Silk and Stone: Gothic/medieval decor and gifts. Silks and Velvets: gowns & corsets designed by Yosa.
Starkers: fine corsetry. Sunspot Designs: jewelry & gifts that celebrate the beauty of the shadows.
Tartblossom: cartoon hair for real people. The Black Rose: clothing and jewelry.
Throb: Gothic, rockabilly, punk gifts, accessories, baby clothes. Throb: Gothic, rockabilly, punk gifts, accessories, baby clothes.
Vampire Technology: Custom rubber clothing & accessories. The Spark: Internet like burning.
The Spark: T & A: see how pathetic you really are. ThinkGeek: stuff for smart masses.
ThinkGeek: stuff for smart masses. The Last Word: stuff you always wanted to know but never bothered to ask.
Computer Features: what all computers really need. The Brunching Shuttlecocks: pure and simple as a hammer to the forebrain.
The Sedlec Ossuary: a church decorated with 40,000 skeletons. Dark Passage: exploration of the spaces under NYC.
A Goth’s Guide to Amsterdam: Amsterdam. Ann Arbor Gothic: Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Atlanta Gothic: Atlanta, Georgia Boston After Midnight: Boston, Massachusetts.
Carpe Midwest: Midwestern America. Carpe Mortem: Detroit, Michigan.
Colorado Net.Goths: Colorado CT Net Goth: Connecticut.
Dark Cleveland: Cleveland, Ohio. DC Freaks: Washington, D.C.
Dead At Last: Goth in Japan. Dutch Gothic: Dutch goths.
EdG&R: Edinburgh, Scotland. Gothic Boston: Boston, Massachusetts.
Gothic Chicago: Chicago, Illinois. G.U.N.Z.: New Zealand
Midnight Blue: Hawaii. Nashville Gothic: Nashville, Tennessee.
nola-goth.org: New Orleans, Louisiana. NorVaGoth.Net: Northern Virginia.
NYC Gothic & Industrial Central: New York City. NYC Gothic Events: New York City.
ohiogoth.org: Ohio. Pennsylvania Industrial/Goth Alliance: Pennsylvania.
PGHgoth.com: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Raleigh Underground: Raleigh, North Carolina.
Russian Gothic: general Russia. Seattle’s Children of the Night: Seattle, Washington.
Slowburn: Italy. St. Louis Gothic: St. Louis, Missouri.
The Black Pages: San Francisco, California. The Dallas Gothics: Dallas, Texas.
Milwaukee Gothic Council: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Requiem: Arizona.
The Sanctuary: Switzerland. The Switchboard: Southern California.
Tulsa Gothic: Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ukranian Gothic Portal: Ukraine.
sfgoth.com: San Francisco, California. slashgoth.org: goth news in the style of slashdot.org
Chiang Mai Thai: popular Thai restaurant on Hennepin. Dinkytowner Cafe: showcases independent and unique artists while providing a wonderful selection of meals.
Fuji-Ya: Sushi sushi sushi. Twin Cities coffee shops: local coffee shop reviews.
Origami Restaurant: highly rated sushi and Japanese cuisine. Bryant Lake Bowl: food, bowling, theater, concerts, partying. What more could you want?
Bryant Lake Bowl: food, bowling, theater, concerts, partying. What more could you want? CONvergence: yearly gathering for science fiction and gaming addicts.
Mall of America: Located in Bloomington. MiniCon: annual gathering of SciFi fans over Easter weekend.
Hardline List: darkside events mailing list. Hennepin Theatre District: State, Orpheum, and Pantages theatres.
The Twin Cities Alternative Shows List: excellent guide to nearly every show in the Twin Cities. Transvestite Soup: theater troupe who routinely performs Rocky Horror Picture Show, amongst other fine works.
Silent Productions: concert and events organizers. Phaserpunk: DJ Panic’s info site.
LensQuest: one of the six studios in the world who creates custom special effect contact lenses. Carschool Films: local film production company specializing in preserving the horror movie drive-in genre.
1click2minnesota.com: general resource for all of Minnesota. twincities.com: nicely laid out general culture guide.
Photo tour of Minneapolis: photo tours of Minneapolis & St. Paul. St. Paul city guide: official site for St. Paul.
ILoveStPaul: highlights of St. Paul. Channel 4000 Webcams: Minneapolis webcams.
Minneapolis Webcams: Minneapolis webcams. Minneapolis.com: all about Minneapolis.
lileks.com: James Lileks, columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Gay Minneapolis: a very good guide for the gay Minneapolis community.
Downtown Discounts: get a downtown discount card. Kieran’s Irish Pub: pub environment in downtown Minneapolis.
Cayol Natural Foods: Minneapolis’ oldest source for natural foods. Aquatennial: yearly celebration on the river.
Minneapolis Skyscrapers: all about the big buildings downtown. Warehouse Business District Association: all about the Warehouse District.
Fringe Festival: a ten-day long party. Harriet Island Regional Park: features of Harriet Island.
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts: theatre, opera, orchestra, and more. Minnesota Children’s Museum: fantastic place.
The Science Museum of Minnesota: fun and highly educational. Winter Carnival: playing in the snow taken to a new level. . . .
Minnesota Museum of American Art: the only art museum in St. Paul The St. Paul Art Crawl: a tour of artists’ studios in St. Paul.
Pazzaluna Urban Tratorria & Bar: rated one of the Twin Cities’ best 10 restaurants. Como Zoo & Conservatory: their info site.
Minneapolis Cafe: has a classic Mediterranean kitchen. Pizza Luce: excellent vegetarian selection.
La Toscana: highly rated Italian cuisine. Sophia: French bistro with live music.
House of Lalibela: Ethiopian cuisine. Christos: Greek cuisine.
Jax Cafe: had Minnesota’s first lobster tank in a restaurant. Broder’s: rustic Italian.
Little Tin Box: ethereal/electro/industrial All the Pretty Horses: glam rock with a twist.
Apocalypse Theatre: tribal industrial Astral Grey: goth/ethereal darkness
Autumn: strong ethereal goth. Indoctri-Nation: electronica/industrial.
The Monarchs of Eden: glam/goth. Psychopop: psycho pop.
Rivulets: ethereal. . . . Savage Aural Hotbed: "found object" percussion/industrial.
Silent Tristero: electronica. Bahntier: psycho noise industrial sound.
Zurround: electronica A Whisper in the Noise: experimental rock.
Tales of the Plush Cthulu: just what the title says. Neurotically Yours: goth chicks leading interesting lives. . . .
Demonia: American store site for Demonia. Muddy Paws Cheesecake: over 72 different specialty cheesecakes.
P.A.R.O.D.Y.: Talk to your kids about Goths. Cannot find smut: cannot find smut
404: 404 Doodoo error 404: cannot find intelligence
The Apathetic Online Journal Generator: what the goth in you needs for your blog. Fark.com: It’s not news, it’s fark.com
MSNBC: MSNBC ogrish.com: gory news complete with images.
Ikon: Australian darkwave. The Anagram Site: rearranges the letters in your name to make nifty combinations.
www.slashdot.org: News for nerds. Stuff that matters. OBCT: Industro-hop meets chaos theory.
The Goth Rosary: Dark Fragrances, Custom Handmade Rosary Items, Clergy Wear & More! Twink: some guy.
Goth Japan: All about Goth in Japan AUTONOMY: Autonomy is a Minneapolis-based goth-rock trio that attempts to redefine modern darksider rock. Features Ether, Rockula, and Billy Graczyk.
The Art of Nathan Muellner: Original dark art of all medias. Check it out, enjoy, feel free to e-mail, put me to work, and please dont steal my art! Avenpitch: The attitude and mentality of punk methodically manipulated by the technology of today.
Dark Candles: Solid Black candles and other dark colors in a range of macabre and unusual scents. Vampire themed, Graveyard themed, Halloween, leather, and more. Lord Blasto: Gothic Gallery.Goth Girls.Faces. Links...
Project 12:01: sultry darkwave bliss GreenBee: Custom corsets with many unique/handmade features available, plus a large range of other custom clothing in various styles, accessories and homeware.
O.B.C.T.: MPLS Industro-Hop meets chaos theory. Peshtigo Cannibalism Project (PCP): Wisconsin's original dark techno
+ RESURRECTURIS +: Italian webzine devoted to the gothic/electro/extreme metal scene... here you can find cds’ reviews, bands interviews, live photo reports and updated news and events! Poison Vanilla: An ezine
American Gothic: Handmade Gothic childrenSwear, t-shirts, accessories... Queen Bee: Detroit’s delicious sexxx rawk diva QUEEN BEE is here to serve up one lethal dose of sexually-charged punk/rock, smothered in sheer audacity, flavored to perfection!...And for dessert, a hot dish of steamy pix to make you salivate and wanting more! A
cathedral #13: Over 12 1/2hrs of streaming goth, darkwave and deathrock. Poetry of Cyrus Amsheer: This is a site with some poetry i have written in the past.
SL-Asia Co Ltd: BrightpiX.com the Body Jewelry Store. 80th Disorder: Official 80th Disorder website
Aesma Daeva: Gothic Metal Band with Operatic Female vocals all flesh:
Ars Gothica: The arts of Gi.De.An. Alchemycal sculptures, sculptured piercing jewels, gothic sculptured pendants, bracelets... Esoteric images and artworks based on alchemy... DarkSiders: Cheap reliable webhosting. Unlimited websites, domain names, and email accounts.
High Blue Star: Industrial Trip Hop Jez: Jez’s personal site.
Latex Records: Independent music label which also provides retail and wholesale distribution for underground music and scene merchandise. MoonMaiden Gothic Clothing: Description: Here in the ancient, mystic depths of Celtic Cornwall we make some of the most Romantic, Dramatic Gothic Clothing you are liable to find on the Internet - at a price you can afford! Here you will find Medieval Gowns, Wiccan Robes, Gothy Skirt
Plastik Wrap: Dark and Sexy Cyber_Industrial Fashion. STIFFFF KITTIES: Internationally popular USA based goth/Industrial/Trance/Dance Band
all flesh: locally infamous (maybe in our own minds) legends returning with a New Revelation! Gothic Clothing - The Black Angel: Gothic clothes and gothic jewelry by renowned underground labels and gothic designers. Many LARGE pictures for easy shopping. Fast, frienldy and secure service worldwide.
Lilactwist Designs: Gothic & Alternative handmade cards for all occasions. Striking designs with adaptable inserts. Unique cards for unique people! Incogbeado: oh yeah oh yeah! ME....
Billy Fisk: Olde Darksider God and professional bad influence. Body jewelry,silver,gold: We are a body jewelry manufacturer located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dark Winter: Indie label specializing in Dark Ambient, Multimedia Sound Collage, and Experimental and Unconventional Electronic music. Enchantress Adornments: handcrafted jewelry for spooky beauties.
Fabulous Disaster: Information and regional guide to the goth/industrial scene in Hampton Roads, Virginia GothMetal by Marquee: "Spooky" handcrafted one-of-a-kind metal artwork for the home, body, and garden. Excellent craftsmanship, eerily unique...
Grave Imagery: At Grave Imagery, we believe that gothic scenery is both poignant and awe inspiring. graveyardcreep: Scaring the living since 1995
Headrazor: Headrazor top quality collection of wigs, hair pieces, loose dreads and hair are made from the very best fibres now available. DarkElectroPop: New Mpls. electronic duo play Sample-heavy synthscapes, from minimal to maximum.
deathswhisper: Everything you need to know about the graphic novel Deathswhisper Futurstate: Pure Fashion Destruction. Deviant and dark futurist fashion for girls and boys.
HowCool: Gigantic selection of boots, shoes, accessories, leather, vinyl, lingerie, chainmail, etc etc. And it’s not in Europe. Jacqueline Peterson, Photographer: Photos of Pretty Horses, Stigma, Filthy Divine and other bands.
Scarlet Strange: coffin and vampire merchandise Selber: Chronisten der Krankheit
Unit Psychosis: Under the underground sound surfacing soon to infect where it needs it. Ex stigma member returns to initial plan. Wolfkitten Clothing: A new little punk and gothic store selling Lip-Service, Dogpile, Medusa, Manic Panic and Artwith Latex
AllFlesh: Burning Image: This is a goth/post-punk band from California that has just been signed with Alternative Tentacles. They have a cd coming out soon (1983-1987) so check out the site for some song samples.
erlend mork photorealism: i think, therefore i die Echoes-of-Time: Retro, Gothic, Victorian clothes for women (AND MEN! YEA!!)
Albuterol: Industrial/Techno/Rock/Metal/Goth/Punk
Alienskin Clothing: Gothic, cyber and alternative clothing for sizes 12-22 Morgana Femme Couture: Custom PVC, Silk Brocade, and Satin corsets for the Perv in all of us!
Neikka RPM: Industrial N’ Beats act based in NYC - lead by the beautiful & alluring front-girl, Dominique. Incredibly heavy beats, shroud in absolute darkness, follow her into the shadows Pandaemon: abyssus abyssum invocat
Forbidden Moon: Your gothic erotic coven Autonomy: Autonomy sounds unlike any other band in Minneapolis. Their music is difficult to describe accurately, and even harder to fit into a neat genre description. Too rock to be goth, too melodic to be metal, too electronic to be blues, and too dark to be pop.
BeGoths: This is not your typical Christmas toy story. Bleeding Edge Inc. BEGOTH line of fashion dolls and toys. Gothic Match: The largest and most successful dating site for Gothic friends and singles in the world!
OPENED PARADISE: Inspired by bands like Fields Of The Nephilim, Garden Of Delight, Nosferatu, but also by a variety of sounds, they created a mixture of tempting, aggressive and at the same time atmospheric music, surrounded by emotions of hope and revival. MentalSwitch Photography: Welcome to MentalSwitch.com, the life of Switch.
In Black Dress: Alternative, Goth fashion The Barbarellatones: Horror-Rock,Surfabilly and Gothabilly songs that will have you crapping in your diaper.
Mythical Records: Mythical Records are purveyors of fine art electronica music, experimental music, contemporary classical music, and dark ambient music. Nivis Regnum: Gothic Reference
My Sexy Shoe Store: MusicScene Network: support your local scene - serving the midwest since 1996 your guide to the local music scene
+jamison+: Professional clown available for birthdays, stag parties, Bar Mitzvahs, etc. Blasphemina’s Closet: Gothic and lolita clothing for the descriminating taste.
Silent : Music Production Company bringing national tours to the Twin Cities veinsplasher: a fella from the ’burbs, who drives up to Minneapolis to cause mischief.
[301STUDIOS]: Indie Electronic/Hip-Hop Record Label Ace and Bog: The charming story of a blind, pink-haired lesbian assassin, a sadistic government agent, and an unwitting cop turned human cat tree.
Mach FoX: Dark/Dancey Elecrtopunk band Rasputin Catamite: A fabricated Russian underground webcomic acted by cheap puppets, dolls, cartoons and a homicidal oven mitt. It is the story of an unmotivated upir, his sort of girlfriend, and a loveable manslave.
Cute and Evil: Cute and Evil clothing for the slightly deranged. Trashy.com: Lingerie - panties - hosiery - swimsuit models - sexy lingerie... Only the best!
Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy - G: Gorgeous hand made clothing our of Canada. We ship anywhere and our prices are amazing. tired of crappy poor quality goth gear? You wont get that from Gloomth! Taeden Hall - Gothic & Horror Art/Wr: Enter Taeden halls lab of bizarre and horrifying taxidermy creations. Frightening and dark art and illustraton.
computer lab furniture: Versa Tables is an American manufacturer of classroom computer furniture, drafting tables, and medical furniture Microwaved: Horror inspired industrial music from Iowa.
NOCTURNAL NOSTALGIA: Gothic,Vampire Wear,Gothic&Lolita COUTURE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Gothic America: Gothic links, gothic fashion, awesome links to awesome sites.
truepunk: Online community and punk music resource. Music reviews and band interviews 2fisted printing: T’s sticks banners ect...
Red Flag: Official site of the dark industrial band Red Flag INANNA NAKED: Portal specialized in emotional, intense, dark, sad and melancholic music. Reviews, mp3s, free compilation cds, online shop...
Java J’s: Coffee shop & bar in the Warehouse district. DJ’s occasionally, local art on the walls, wi-fi, coffee, seward co-op food, wine, beer and dog friendly. Bondage A Go Go Recordings: Here are selected nights recorded live at Ground Zero on Thursdays night Bondage a Go Go.
Wayward Muse Designs: Unique Dark & Gothic Designs ~ Imperial Rose Collections: Title: Rock and Roll Jewelry | Gothic Jewelry | Cool Silver Jewelry
Gothic MP3s: Gothic MP3 streams Microwaved: Industrial music from Iowa (Formerly Minnesota)
R1Live.de: Darkwave, goth, industrial, ebm Radio Morituri: Darkwave goth industrial music
Underground Klub #666 (Triple Six) Enter: Gothic Shirts that are really jaj: jaj
The Black Angel - Gothic Clothing Store: Our gothic store is specialized in goth clothes from brands and labels known for their outstanding quality and designs. Multiple photos for every item, wordldwide shipping - fast and friendly service included. SaraCura: Funky little shop with an Egyptian motif in Dinkytown (near the U) with gifts, jewelry, henna designs, local artists’ consignment, and sometimes ticket sales. Also has a comfy couch and wifi!
Decadent Designs: Custom made alternative clothing for women, featuring a collection of hand made satin and brocade corsets, Gothic ball gowns, Victorian inspired evening wear, a variety of mermaid and hobble skirts, pin up fashion and edgy PVC club wear. Right Key Repair: Twin Cities-based Pro Audio Repair Service.\
David Hatfield - Hallowmonium: Tim Burton and David Bowie going hunting with Salvatore Dolly, then run through a dark forest, with Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd)riding piggy-back calicolaine-crafts: For a great rang in Felt Fabrics and other Fabrics check out our online store.
Dark Destiny Designs: Custom Corsetry, Distinctive Accessories, Intricate clothing fashioned for your dark destiny! Jonathan Knight Sculpture: UK based leading animal sculptor company specializes in providing animal sculpture, bronze sculpture, bronze horse sculpture, horse sculptures, bronze statues, bronze animal statues, metal sculpture. Jonathan Knight also offers animal sculptures in bronze
Stewart Gallery: Stewart Gallery, an online fine art gallery is specialized variety of oil painting, oil paintings art, fine art oil painting, reproduction oil paintings, contemporary oil paintings, original oil paintings, oil painting artists, oil paintings still life, a The Canon Gallery: The Canon Fine Art Gallery in Sussex UK, is a leading Art Dealer and online sales of Modern British, Victorian, Post Impressionist, Watercolours, Impressionist, Barbizon, Marine, European, Oil Paintings, Contemporary Paintings, Sculptures, Modern furnitur
Accentuate!: Gothic accessories, clothing, and gifts. Everything from capes to teasets to pet bowls to skull and tombstone soaps to ritual chalices and robes. We also offer custom work at very reasonable rates. Eye of Horus: Uptown store, gallery & labyrinth on 2717 Lyndale Ave S. Kind of an Alternative Spirituality Boutique. Tons of incense, oils, art plus books, jewelry, ritual tools & robes. Tarot readings, classes and such.
Black Angel | Gothic Clothing Store: We carry clothing by the best gothic brands from Europe and are renowned for our quality as well as our fast and friendly service, worldwide! Gothic fashion: A deep and varied portal about the gothic subculture, fashion, music, dating, decor, miscellany, and even gothic tourism, all by one enthusiast of the dark and morbid culture.
Undercrypt: Music, dance & gothic horror productions. Connexion Bizarre: Electronic music webzine (reviews, interviews, radio show/webcast & netlabel)
Sexy Halloween Costumes: Halloween costumes and uniforms for men, women and couples who dare to bare. Year round sales of some of the sexiest Halloween costumes available at great prices. 2Fisted Printing: Fast quality Silk Screen action, services & solutions!
Fantasy Shoes: Serious Goth Footwear. 100s of styles. www.Cryoflesh.com: Dark & Futuristic Cybergoth Clothing, Footwear, Accessories & Bags
Modern art: Surrealism artists and art, art movement, style, art prize, information about surrealism and the artists.